VIP Tech Job: Time 2 Act

“VipTechJob: Time2Act!” (VTJ2!) is the continuation of the successful Erasmus+ project “VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market” (VTJ). It is a youth project, focused on the employability and empowerment of young VIPs as active job seekers.

A group of 6 siting around a table with pieces of paper scattered on it. In the table there is also a computer that is open and shows that one person is joining the meeting online. The room is a library and the walls are full of books. There is a window in the middle of the background wall.

foreseen results

The logo shows a hand holding a megaphone in front of a magnifying glass that is in a background of red, green, blue, yellow and purple stripes. At the left bottom corner it writes the name of the project "VIPTechJob: Time 2 Act!"

VIP Job Accessibility Toolbox

a one-stop-shop for all our users belonging to different target groups which includes tools and resources to support stakeholders who wish to understand concepts like accessibility and inclusion in the workplace

VIP Job Podcast

a podcast comprised of 10 episodes in all partner languages, which will be recorded by skilled young VIPs and explore success stories of young VIP's inclusion in different workplaces in Europe through interviews and storytelling.

VIP Job Video Pack

a documentary aimed to represent the hurdles of young VIPs in integrating the job market as well as their ideal views on a 100% barrier-free work environment while at the same time gathering tools and personal experiences in the use of video-making to tell their stories

the legacy of VTJ1

The name of the current VTJ2! project, already confirms the choice of the partners to create conditions for drastic exploitation of the results of the previous project as also to step forward and beyond, giving the major emphasis on young VIPs critical and key participation in all stages of the project developments.
Over the course of the previous project titled “VIP and new technologies: easy access to the job market” (acronym: VipTechJob), two intellectual outputs came to life:

VIP Tech Job App

A browser App created for all devices, allowing users to search for job offers as well as publish them, and it is fully compatible with screen readers for both computers and mobile devices

VIP Tech Job How to get linked with the Job Market Platform

An online training platform, designed to support the development of skills useful in the job search, available in 5 languages, which connects young visually impaired persons with
companies and various job providers

Project Partners

Views International strives to give the opportunity to young visually impaired people to develop and build strong skills. 

Views International
Project Coordinator Belgium

Paying special attention to local and global labor dynamics, Aforisma can help you identify the right career path for you through educational and job placement tools. 

Aforisma Social Cooperative Project Partner  Italy

At DAFNI KEK we believe that Adult Education is a powerful means of forming and claiming a truly equal society with an eye to the future by utilizing the experiences of all of us!

DAFNI KEK- Adult Education Center  Project Partner  Greece

The Docete Omnes Foundation was created  to respond to the training and assistance needs of the less favored strands of society and strive for social innovation.

Docete Omnes Foundation Project Partner  Spain